Complementing ‘Hotel’
with an ‘S’ – Upflo Hostel
‘Socializing’ is the word we use to celebrate the happiness of being together.
People of Upflo Hostel work to provide special memories full of laughter, socialization, and cooking together as our small gift to all our travelling guests.

‘Sharing’, is the word we use for a healthy, happy life.
Upflo Hostel supports Stella Foundation, a group that strives to make a happier world by preventing depression, and we also practice their beliefs and visions.

Upflo Hostel isn’t just a place to sleep.
In addition to our efforts in providing the best sleeping and relaxing space, we work to give our guests with a worthwhile memory. Some people say that – 
“All you need to do in a hostel is sleep.”
We think otherwise. We want to provide you with something more than just ‘sleep’.

From the warmth that you enjoy inside the room and the satisfaction from our fresh, delicious menus, to the exciting parties in the lounge, we worked day and night to make your stay a perfect experience. The only thing we ask from you is a small space; a space for the unforgettable memories that we will fill inside you during your stay with Upflo Hostel.


3 special features of Upflo Hostel that makes you want to stay


Everyone staying at Upflo Hostel can enjoy various food, café, business and cinema at the lounge anytime.

Social Space

Take home special memories with our special offer programs open daily at the lounge.


Travel safe with our fresh, healthy breakfast service.